First Digital Health platform with built-in personal coaching

Lifeguard for Companies

Personal coaching redefined

The negative development in public health represents a massive challenge for the global society as for businesses and individuals where overweight, inactive lifestyle and stress play a major role.

Changing habits is the key to success. Technology alone fall short, the human relation is a key driver to create the necessary lifestyle changes - though costly!

The new holistic health concept provides easy and affordable access to personal coaching through an innovative digital platform.



The best of two worlds

The LifeGuard platform is merging leading automation principles known from classic Health Tracker apps with real human coaching to create an all new product category.

Digital onboarding, smart monitoring of the clients’ progress and databased recommendations from the system itself makes each personal coach much more efficient - hence affordable. This is our ‘secret’ and sweet spot in the market.

It’s all linked together

The human ecosystem

The intelligent algorithm behind LifeGuard is built upon a holistic health approach (Fit, Diet & Mind) that enables our system and educated coaches to tailor individual plans for exercise, diet and mental well-being - the ingredients needed to live a healthier, happier and longer life.


The Lifeguard feedback loop

As soon as a client has on-boarded, the data-driven system starts acting self-diagnostically - tipping coaches about the clients’ progress and development that most personal trainers would otherwise miss.

In close dialogue with each client the LifeGuard Coaches then optimises plans for exercise and diet, recommends altered sleeping habits and other relevant lifestyle changes, while motivating and supporting them through potential hardships.

A.I. technology and the power of human relations are thus combined to create a very unique coaching concept.


My LifeGuard

With LifeGuard’s intuitive and user-friendly platform each client can monitor his or her development on three distinct health parameters - MindScore, DietScore and FitScore - as well as the accumulated LifeScore®.

Clients can also explore different types of exercises in our video library, participate in relevant communities, get inspired to try new healthy recipes, listen to podcasts about mindfulness, stresslessness and much more.

In short, lifeguard is a 360° health solution, that motivates each person to reach his or her individual goal. And their personal coach is with them all the way.


Tested by more than 5.000

It works! LifeGuard’s algorithm and coaching concept has already been beta tested on large groups of Danes from different user segments with different needs. To this day more than 5.000 people all-in-all have on-boarded the first version and helped us fine-tune our digital engine.

Results are more than satisfying and show a clear tendency: LifeGuard truly makes a difference in a world where complexity of everyday life often keeps people from choosing the lifestyle they inherently know is good for them.

LifeGuard makes people focus, escape the couch and ultimately increase the quality of their lives.


Business Areas

The team behind Lifeguard is currently working on implementing the platform on two markets within four distinct business areas

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